" Clouttery - Watching battery levels for you

Goodbye Dead Batteries

Clouttery is the smart, cloud-enabled battery monitor.

Don't be left with an empty battery again.

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Clouttery revolutionizes the way you look at the battery levels of phones, laptops, tablets and more.

It will ensure your phone is not left to discharge throughout the night, tell you it is charged while you work on the laptop, tell you the laptop is charged while you read on the tablet and that the tablet battery is getting low while you text on the phone.

On top of this, Clouttery plots battery information over time so that you can better understand how you use your gadgets.

Battery levels have never been so fancy!

On the Web

On your phone

On your laptop

Simple setup

Just install the clients on your devices and pair them. Then forget about it.
For extra points, set smart reminders, configure what notifications you wish to see, and how you want to be notified.

Unobtrusive operation

Clouttery integrates with your devices as well as possible, only requiring your attention when it's really needed.

Enhanced stats

Statistics freak? Clouttery gives you more information about your batteries, including level history, all from the same screen.

Many devices, no problem

Clouttery is perfect for those who have many battery-powered devices forgotten in shelves, yet getting a use once in a while.

Device Icons

For every device |

Clouttery is available as a full-featured app for Windows and Android, and as a Chrome extension. Soon, it will be available on more platforms. It will also be able to remind you to charge the batteries of less smart devices, from backup feature-phones to TV remotes, torches and weather stations.

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So good,
that others are copying it

Others are integrating part of what Clouttery provides into their products. But only Clouttery will offer you a true cross-platform, cross-device battery management experience.

For less than a battery per month!

All the features of Clouttery are free while in beta, without usage restrictions. Beta-testers will never have to pay anything even after Clouttery goes out of Beta, and will have access to all the features, with unlimited devices and battery history.

In the future, it might be possible to upgrade an account or get discounts by referring users. The plans are subject to change, possibly a lot. Prices will be disclosed opportunely.


  • Maximum 5 devices
  • 24 hours of battery history
  • Free


  • Maximum 10 devices
  • 5 days of battery history
  • (monthly or yearly subscription)


  • Maximum 25 devices
  • Two weeks of battery history
  • (monthly or yearly subscription)


  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited battery history
  • (monthly or yearly subscription)

In beta

Clouttery, while already available to the general public, is not a finished product. We don't guarantee that something will work well for all the users, and we expect users to communicate problems back to us. To participate in the beta testing program, just sign up.

Who we are

Clouttery is developed by Segvault, a software development group with four years of experience in web and embedded development. Segvault is the main supporter of the TNY network.

Let's talk about stuff! Send us an email: admin -at- tny.im