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Sign up

1. Choose how to sign in

You can use a dotAccount to sign in to Clouttery, like what happens other services of the TNY network. You can also sign in using a Twitter account.

The first time you sign in to Clouttery, a new account is created. Make sure to always use the same service for signing in, or you'll end up using multiple accounts.

2. Install clients

Have a way to sign in? Good. Now you're ready to download a client and pair your first device.

Download a client

Take advantage of the fact that Clouttery is free and unlimited while in Beta, to pair all the devices you could ever want to pair. This ensures you'll get a sufficiently big plan once the beta program ends.

3. Sign in to the Web Console

You can use the Web Console to see the battery status of your devices from any computer connected to the Internet. From there, you can also manage everything about your Clouttery account: what devices you have paired, what notifications you get, and even though it isn't very relevant while Clouttery is free, you can also see billing information, coupons and discounts, and more.

To access it, simply press the "Sign in" button on the top right of the Clouttery website (this one!).

4. Provide feedback

As a beta tester, you are supposed to... beta test. This means letting us know about any problems or difficulties you experience, even the slightest ones.

Let's talk (we don't bite!): send an email to admin -at- tny.im or shoutout to @gbl08ma on Twitter.